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Radon in water or radon water mitigation is not as common and is usually associated with deep private water sources but when it exists mitigation can also correct it.   Black Dog Inspections, LLC recommends an aeration approach which has no hazardous waste issues to deal with. Unfortunately, good quality higher water flow aeration mitigation systems start at the $4,300- $4,600 range to properly install but smaller systems (lower flow and 95% radon reduction rate) can be installed starting around $4,000.   Although radon in water has an impact in the overall radon levels in air of a home, the largest concern is with direct radon release into air contact from showers, bath, and sinks when people are close to very high concentrations of radon gas for short periods of time. There are differing levels of private well radon in water concern based on each State - New Hampshire has no official level but has identified 2,000 pCi/L as a level to consider and Massachusetts identifies 10,000 pCi/L.   Refer to the NH Environmental Fact Sheet WD-DWGB-3-12 which addresses radon in water and air levels relating to the recommendion of radon water mitigation equipment.

Black Dog Inspections is not tied to any one water mitigation supplier and looks for the best available systems based on their performance and the needs of the our customers. Once an evaluation is made based on water flow, desired radon reduction, working footprint space, maintenance and target cost, a system approach can be presented to best meet our customers needs.    If treated radon levels are not the most critical deciding factor, a 95 % radon reduction unit may be more attractive when the untreated radon levels are below 20,000 pCi/L.    If water flow rates above 7 gallons per minute are required, some systems won't produce the volume. These are some of the decisions that need to be addressed when considering the best system for your home.  Presently, Black Dog Inspections recommends several system options from Spruce (AIRaider) to meet our customers needs based on cost, footprint, % radon reduction, maintenance, and flow rate.

We want you to be completely satisfied that your system will meet your needs and you understand your options before it goes in.  Black Dog Inspections can also provide scheduled maintenance on your installed system if you don't want to deal with it.