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Why Perform a Certified Radon Test

1. Thinking of selling your property - test before you place your home on the market. Know your position on radon levels up front and show the buyers a credible radon measurement report.

2. Buying a home - get a credible radon test by a qualified nationally certified radon professional.

3. Had a mitigation system installed - get an independent verification of the radon level.

4. A homeowner that has never had a test. The EPA recommends that all homes be tested. Testing is the only way to identify your radon comfort level.

5. A homeowner that has altered the property soil characteristics, added on to an existing home, installed a sump pump or installed an internal drainage system loop.

All of our certified radon measurement projects follow the strict protocol of  radon measurement standards and comes with a formal report which not only includes the radon data but all of the supporting data for the test. If you are testing, why pay money for a non nationally certified test technician, questionable measurement device or procedure - hire a NRPP certified test professional for a credible report