13 Month Warranty


Black Dog Inspections, LLC offers a well built quality system with high reliability and does not promise things that can’t be delivered.   Our workmanship is guaranteed for the life of the system and we will replace any mechanical part covered by a manufactures warranty with only a service/handling charge.  


Your radon in air mitigation system is checked for a full 12 months with a long term test device to insure that the annual radon level over a 12 month period is under the EPA action level of 4 pCi/L.  Since radon levels change due to various conditions, taking several short term measurements does not necessarily reflect the true 12 month average.   The EPA recommends long term testing as the best option to obtain your true radon level.   Black Dog Inspections, LLC will modify or repair our installed systems that fail to maintain radon below the EPA action level using the long term test device at no service charge during the first 13 months. 


There is a high likelihood your system once checked for a full year it will continue to maintain its ability to function as advertised for years until a mechanical part, such as a fan, fails.  You are still encouraged to follow the EPA recommendation of testing every two years.    We provide the option to renew the yearly warranty for customers that feel comfortable with complete system coverage with no deductibles or labor fees.


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